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Current News

Its time to send in your entries for Clarksville, Tennessee. This event is on June 13-14 and will be full of our players again this year. We had a great time and this year should prove to be even better than ever. Make sure your entries are in before June 3rd or you will miss a great time.

Clarksville Entries

40' Pro



30' Pro


Tony Hankins KY   Jim Cooper TN
Joe Forgues VT   Barbara Taylor SC
Dan Watson AL   Shelly Martinez MA
Dennis Wilson PA   Polly Murphy TX
Charlie Meredith KY   Kathy Brazier AL
      Joan Elmore TN
      Debra Odum TX

Open Div


      Ron Murphy TX
      James McMillian TN
      Dane Clark


      Beverly Forgues VT
      Ervin South TN
      Ronnie Boyd TN

2015 Schedule

Date Location
March 28-29 Palm Coast, Florida
April 25-26 Newberry, South Carolina
June 13-14 Clarksville, Tennessee
August 8-9 Chalybeate, Kentucky
September 19-20 Buffalo, Texas
October 24-25 Morgan City, Louisiana

Tournament Entry Form

2015 Big Game Challenge

Our Big Game Challenge is continuing again this year with a new payout for all players. Make sure you check things on the new chart to see just how much you can win at the end of the year with your high games. This challenge is for great pitching and I know we have great pitching every event. These payouts are for HP Pro Tour events only.

2015 Big Game Challenge

HP Pro Tour Records

We now have a full record for all of the HP Pro Tour Events. Once you have gotten to the listing of events you can then sort by the event itself, your own personal history for the events you have pitched, and several other ways. It took a bit of work to put this together but its a great thing for those of us that like to know how we have done when pitching with the HP Pro Tour. The listing of tournaments is since the beginning of the HP Pro Tour. Wonder how much you have personally won or done in your events? Just take a look for yourself at www.hpprotour.info/query.

Email List

Now you can sign-up for our email list. We will keep you informed of any changes coming and our pitching schedule. Please click on my email address here dane.clark@hpprotour.com and I will make sure you get the latest information about what is happening on the Pro Tour.