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Lone Star Shootout Summary Sheet

Well all of the entries are in and the above link will reveal the Tournament Summary Sheet. For those of you that have not pitched with the HP Pro Tour this Summary Sheet shows the pitching times and payouts for each division. We hope that all of you enjoy your time pitching with the HP Pro Tour and thank you all so much for your participation in our event. May everyone have a great time and pitch your best!

HP Pro Tour Records

We now have a full record for all of the HP Pro Tour Events. Once you have gotten to the listing of events you can then sort by the event itself, your own personal history for the events you have pitched, and several other ways. It took a bit of work to put this together but its a great thing for those of us that like to know how we have done when pitching with the HP Pro Tour. The listing of tournaments is since the beginning of the HP Pro Tour. Wonder how much you have personally won or done in your events? Just take a look for yourself at www.hpprotour.info/query.

Entry Fee Change

You may have noticed that the HP Pro Tour is in a constant state of flux… No two tournaments are alike and believe it or not, that’s done on purpose. Every tournament experience brings a wave of new challenges, resulting in many new ideas and we embrace them all… no stone goes unturned in our never-ending quest for optimal tournament formatting. Yes, we realize that perfection in format is an impossibility, much like perfection in performance is in this sport. Obviously, no one has ever averaged 100% ringers, yet you all strive for this and we do the same when it comes to designing these tournaments you pitch in. This philosophy is why you see us experimenting with format almost all the time… it is for the sole purpose of continually improving the player experience. After all, that’s what we’re here for and we take our role in this very seriously!


HP Pro Tour Tournament Entry Price Change

There are some changes this year to our membership fee, schedule and also to our tournament entry fees. The annual membership fee has been eliminated. Our tournament fees have increased to $125 for DI-40; $75 for DI-30, DII-40, and DII-30; and $35 for the Open Division per event.

2014 HP Pro Tour Schedule of Events

SummerFun / Gold Statistics Newberry, SC  April 26-27
Mammoth Caves/ Bronze Entries Chalybeate, KY May 23-24-25
Montgomery Co/Civitan Park/ Silver Entries Clarksville, TN June 28-29
Green Mountain Challenge/ Bronze Entries Bristol, VT August 22-23-24
Lone Star Shootout/ Gold Entries Buffalo, TX September 20-21

HP Pro Tour Entry Form

Email List

Now you can sign-up for our email list. We will keep you informed of any changes coming and our pitching schedule. Please click on my email address here dane.clark@hpprotour.com and I will make sure you get the latest information about what is happening on the Pro Tour.